Why I Write

I assume that everyone who has ever attempted to put pen to paper (or in this case fingers to keyboard) has asked that question.

Why am I doing this and why is it so hard?

I write because the thoughts in my head (whatever they might be at the moment) are usually scrambled and  confused.

In my head my thoughts exist in a multi-level building, some connected and others random and not particularly connected to any other thoughts. They reflect the way I think.

My thinking is noisy and confused.

Writing is a way to take these thoughts and force them into a linear organization. One thought comes first and others follow. My work of writing is transferring these thoughts from their disorganized, chaotic noisy world to a world of organization and quiet order.

Writing is a therapy. Just like a walk in the woods or sitting on beach watching the ocean calms the soul and body, so does writing. It defuses the chaos in my head and brings quiet.

Yes, it’s work. Order from chaos is not something that comes naturally or easily to me.

Yes, the journey to the first word is usually hard. But the pleasure, when I realize my mind is at peace again and things have been sorted out is amazing and well worth it.

I think I’ll keep this up. It’s good for the soul.

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