And this is the part I hate.

I’m really just a regular guy who likes to write, take pictures, watch people and enjoy the world around me from the seat of a bicycle.

I care about God’s creation and how we are treating it and wonder what it’s going to be like 10 years from now.

Most of my career has been connected in some way with high technology product marketing, public relations, writing and connecting people to ideas. I believe that your frame of reference (worldview) is important and that each of us builds one so that we can relate to the world.

I really appreciate the tools that are available today to share one’s thoughts and connect with people who are on the other end of the Internet (wherever that is!). There are good and bad things about technology and, like everything that has ever been invented or created, whether it is bad or good depends on the condition of your heart and how you choose to use it. (Not much has change from the Garden of Eden, has it?)

On this site, I am going to try to take most of my own pictures. It’s an exercise in being creative (as is writing) and hopefully, it will keep my mind from turning to mush.

Enjoy and have fun as you read about this and that. No real agenda, just observations.


Two Blocks Long. Where did that name come from?

Well, as you all know, its a sign of our time that most every common phrase and certainly every word in the English dictionary has been turned into some sort of a URL (even!). The phrase “two blocks long” comes from the street view I have when I stand in front of my house. Two blocks to the lake and (about) two blocks to the nearest major intersection. Sounded logical to me… and besides, no one else had it as a URL!