This page is under the “About” section because my worldview has a huge influence about who I am and what I do.

So… herewith is an explanation of how I see the world.

1. This Earth is Not Our Earth.

We don’t own the earth and neither do we own anything else that we can see or make. I believe that everything was created by God and that we have been granted “stewardship” of what God created. Our job in the universe is (why we are here) to care for everything that God has created and in caring for Gods creation, we bring God glory.

2. Things Are Not as They Were When God Created Them.

Part of our tasks while we are on this earth is to restore it to the way it was when God created it. This means that we are to work to restore relationships between people, the relationship we have to God and the relationship we have with the earth itself.

These acts of restoration are called “Justice”. Justice are things we do in order to restore the world to “Shalom” — the way it was when God created it.

3. God Left Us Instructions So That We Know how God Intended the World To Be.

God did not turn us loose as stewards without a set of instructions and examples that provide all that we need to understand how the world should be. The Bible is the instructions. The example is Jesus Christ.

This kind of covers it all as far as I am concerned.

  • What do I have “license” to do?
  • What should I be doing?
  • How should I be doing what I should do?