The following is my opinion. It is not backed by figures, or statistics. It’s just what I see happening today in America.

Half Full or Half Empty GlassI would not classify myself as a person who is heavily involved in politics. I know and appreciate the need and the value of good and fair politics because I have decent roads to drive on, I have a job and I live in a city where people (mostly) behave themselves. I feel safe most of the time and have food to eat. I’m OK giving credit for these things because some caring, honest, fair politician somewhere saw a need and passed a law.

But, especially this year, I have been less enamored and more disappointed with politicians and the political process.  As I sit here approaching the end of 2017, I am a bit saddened by the state of our society and our country.

As part of the Baby Boomer generation, I grew up hearing that America is the greatest country in the world. I never, until recently, had reason to believe that that wasn’t true. Perhaps I just didn’t want to admit it. I want this to be true but, I can’t be sure that it ever will be again. Read the rest of this entry »